• Who is TBJPA

    TBJPA is an investment real estate brokerage company with a primary focus on providing personalized service to private clients. We work hard to understand the needs, objectives and goals of each of our clients and work together to implement a strategy tailored to each individual. We work closely with our clients through a process of open and candid communications which allows us to act as not only an agent, but as a trusted partner in each transaction.

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  • Recent Transactions

    The Principals of TBJPA have closed transactions spanning a wide variety of situations including 1031 exchanges, bank/REO deals, partnership dissolutions, estate reconfiguration, phantom income mitigation, as well as traditional profit taking.

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Why Choose Us

Personal Service

When you go to a national firm, the Partner takes you out to lunch, tells you about the quality of their program, gets you to sign an exclusive agreement and then introduces you to the 22 year old junior associate who's going to be handling the sale of your asset. At TBJPA, the person you meet with will be the person directly responsible for your property, and that person has extensive experience throughout the continuum of buying and selling commercial investment real estate.

Local Knowledge and Experience

TBJPA has experience living and working in the Tampa Bay and Central Florida area. With this kind of local experience we can market your property more effectively than an out-of-state or "portfolio" agent is able to. Ask your national representative whether they would prefer to commute across the Courtney Campbell, Howard Frankland, or Gandy to get to and from work. If they don't know what you're talking about, they might not be qualified to market your property. We know the area, we know who the buyers and sellers are, and we know what it takes to make the deal close.

Collaborative Brokerage

At a national brokerage, the first step most agents take after receiving a listing agreement is to run your property past only a few closely held buyers for early offers. It's only after the agent has exhausted this preferred network and attempted to convince you to trade with one of them (allowing him to retain the entire commission for himself) that your property is given broader exposure. At TBJPA we put your property in front of all the major firms simultaneously and offer a collaborative co-brokerage fee right out of the gate. By immediately exposing you to all of the national firms at once we save you time, bring you more bidders and, ultimately, get you a higher price for your property.

Middle Market Emphasis

At many large firms, properties with sales prices under $10 Million are considered "small" and are often neglected in favor of larger and more "important" trophy deals that get most of the time and attention. At TBJPA we know that selling your commercial property might represent the biggest and most important transaction you undertake this year, decade, or even lifetime and we treat it with the respect it deserves. Our team's goal is to focus on transactions between $2 and $8 million. By keeping our focus on properties like yours, we guarantee that you'll always be our top priority.

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